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Building Strengths Based Organizations

Strength-based organizations create employees who are emotionally engaged in their work. 

Engaged employees create engaged customers!

Strengths Coaching

Talent is the natural capacity for excellence. Every person has natural talents, whether they know them and how to use them, is another question. It isn’t enough to simply know what you think you're good at. Strengths Coaching guides employees through the process of learning how to use and maximize their natural talents. Employees can reach near-perfect performance when they invest in their talents. 

Team Coaching

Strengths-based team coaching is an approach that embraces and capitalizes on the differences in people. Team coaching exposes the power in the diversity of team member’s talent themes. Team members learn the talents and strengths of each other and how together they accomplish more than any one team member alone. The best partnerships happen when talents and strengths complement each other. Teams accomplish more together than could be accomplished separately.

Manager Coaching

Learn how to identify managers with the right talent for the job. One of the most important decisions a company makes is deciding who will be a manager. Great managers make or break your business, yet companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time. Managers with the right talents naturally engage their team members and customers, they retain top performers and sustain a healthy, productive workplace culture. 

The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life!

Did you know...

People who use their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs!

Did you know...

National data shows 47% of the workforce says now is a good time to find a quality job; 51% are searching for new jobs or watching for openings. 

Did you know...

Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.

Employee retention is great if you retain the right people. Utilizing individual and team strengths can assist your organization to retain your highest performing employees. Retaining high performers increases quality outcomes, customer service, productivity and overall profitability.

Hiring based on experience is good if the applicant had good performance at their previous jobs. Building a strengths based culture at your organization can help you weed out applicants who might have good experience but are low performing employees.


Hiring on natural talent and fit is good, when you know how. In order to maximize the probability that you make a good hire, incorporate strengths into your onboarding process!


Roger Stortenbecker

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Roger is Chief Development Officer and Vice President at Collaborative Industries (CI). CI provides leadership and management services to human service organizations, in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. Roger's 40 years leadership experience includes county and state government, private for-profit and not-for-profit business, small and mid-sized organizations.


Roger's coaching focus is aimed at helping organizations and companies fulfill their mission and goals through employee strength optimization with an emphasis on the talents and strengths of the individual and the team.  

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