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  • What is Collaborative Industries and how did it come to be?
    Collaborative Industries was founded on the simple premise that the collective strengths and experiences of talented individuals, organizations and leaders all working in a collaborative environment, would produce consistently high quality results for our clients. In the age of limited resources and higher expectations, creativity and shared costs provide tremendous value. Collaborative’s structure and service model allow for the small to midsize organization to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and oversight while maintaining focus on their mission and goals.
  • What benefits does Collaborative offer to other organizations?
    Collaborative Industries offers a vast array of expertise and support to many organizations. Affiliated organizations choose from services that include human resource support, staff development and training resources, finance support, accounts payable and receivable, IT support and development, research and development experts, quality assurance and quality improvement professionals, marketing, media relations, fundraising and much more. A complete list of services can be found on our Resources Page.
  • What does it cost to contract with Collaborative Industries?
    Collaborative’s fee policy is a good example of our straightforward, transparent approach. Collaborative Industries is different than most management companies in that it does not believe in creating “profit centers” to embed in its contracts. Many management companies try to make their profit by tagging certain costs and inflating them. Collaborative bases its management fee on the revenue of the client and charges a percentage of revenue or flat cost as a management fee. This speaks volumes about our confidence in our ability to support the client’s development and revenue growth. For start up organizations or small businesses, this fee is negotiable until the organization can financially sustain the management fee. This approach allows us to work with any size budget and still support new or small organizations without significant upfront management budgets.
  • How can I determine if Collaborative Industries will benefit my organization?
    Depending on your needs, resources and the support your organization requires, Collaborative will develop a detailed list of the services we can provide to your organization. Collaborative Industries’ multidisciplinary resources and service model allow organizations to then select the services they need to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and oversight within their fields.
  • We are a good sized, growing organization, but can't afford a full-time person in all our departments. Can Collaborative Industries help us?"
    Through partnership with Collaborative Industries, you can tap into just the resources you need. Any business, regardless of size, can reap the benefits of access to highly trained and experienced staff. With Collaborative you could have access to an HR Department, Media Relations Specialist, Finance Department, IT Support, Quality Assurance/Improvement, Research and Development, and Operations Management. Collaborative Industries can provide precisely what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.
  • My organization is interested in working with Collaborative Industries, where do we start?"
    The first step is sitting down to discuss your goals, your specific needs, and possibly any present perceived obstacles to attaining those goals. Collaborative Industries will then be able to share with you the services we offer that can help. If you are ready to learn more, contact Brian Kanter, Chief Executive Officer.
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