The Collaborative Team

Collaborative Industries recognizes the value of interdependence. While each employee brings expertise, knowledge, and experience, the true strength of an organization is in the collaborative effort of everyone working together toward the same goal.

Brian Kanter

Chief Executive Officer

Maximizer l Command l Competition l Activator l Analytical

Roger Stortenbecker

Vice President of Talent and Leadership Development

Individualization l Harmony l Analytical l Learner l Input

Tiffany Schnittker

Chief Operating Officer

Relator l Strategic l Individualization l Communication l Analytical

Justin Gulbrandson

Vice President of Business Development

Deliberative l Relator l Analytical l Command l Focus

Jace Smrcka

Director of Talent Development & Quality Outcomes

Intellection l Empathy l Ideation l Input l Adaptability

Betty Ferdinand

Director of Projects

Achiever l Connectedness l Maximizer l Developer l Arranger

Lorie Scherling

Director of Human Resources

Responsibility l Relator l Empathy l Developer l Deliberative

Clint Kanter

Director of Information Technology & Resources

Analytical l Achiever l Discipline l Focus l Competition

Jill Chaney

Director of Finance

Achiever l Responsibility l Focus l Harmony l Input

Keli Fricke

Senior Finance Manager

Achiever l Learner l Responsibility l Relator l Includer

Zach Tobey

Marketing Communication & Projects Specialist

Strategic l Responsibility l Achiever l Competition l Analytical

Sasha Reichenberg

Finance Manager

Achiever l Responsibility l Consistency l Arranger l Adaptability

Amanda Furasek

Human Resource Manager

Empathy l Competition l Achiever l Consistency l Relator

Amanda Anderson

Quality Outcomes Coordinator

Strategic l Achiever l Relator l Ideation l Empathy

Matt Johnson

Training & Staff Development Coordinator

Input l Intellection l Ideation l Learner l Restorative

Rick Robb

Information Technology Support Specialist

Harmony l Consistency l Belief l Empathy l Developer

Katelin Mielke

Quality Outcomes Coordinator

Achiever l Responsibility l Focus l Restorative l Relator

Kyle Schuessler

Resource Technician

Context l Adaptability l Connectedness l Empathy l Developer

Deidra Slinde

Executive Assistant

Relator l Arranger l Responsibility l Belief l Developer

Ralph Allen

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Responsibility l Positivity l Adaptability l Strategic l Developer

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Collaborative Industries, Inc.

5701 Thompson Creek Blvd, Suite 200

Lincoln, NE 68516

Phone: (402) 435-2134

Fax: (402) 435-8801