Ralph Allen

Associate Director of Quality & Talent Outcomes

Responsibility l Positivity l Adaptability l Strategic l Developer

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As the Associate Director of Quality & Talent Outcomes, Ralph determines compliance with regulatory and policy standards as well as best practice standards by review of written records and observations in accordance with a Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Plan. He develops recommendations and action plans to address deficiencies noted and provides technical assistance in agency development of action plans for quality improvement then conducts follow-up reviews to ensure implementation of action plans. Ralph provides initial and on-going training for agency partners in the areas of investigating abuse/neglect/exploitation allegations and individual finance management.  He assists in providing oversight and technical assistance with the quality assurance on-line database as well as TA with the on-line operations portal for services, THERAP.

Ralph has worked in the field of Human Services for over 27 years, beginning his career in Lincoln, NE, with DSN. He started his career in residential services working with teenagers in both Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability settings. Ralph also spent a few years working in Vocational Services as a Job Coach and eventually working in Omaha as the Vocational Coordinator and Area Director.

He also owned and operated a small health club in Lincoln, NE for 16 years serving people from all walks of life with a wide variety of health and sports related goals.

Ralph studied Physical Education at Nebraska Weselyan University and also attended the University of Nebraska studying Exercise Science. 

Outisde of work, Ralph is a Member of the Brewer's Association and has a love for the craft beer industry. He enjoys traveling, music, hiking, bike riding, golfing, reading, is an avid fan of movies, and studying beer.