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Operations Oversight and Coordination

Drawing on decades of experience in oversight and analysis, Collaborative Industries can effectively determine what resources are available to ensure objective analysis, course of action, resolution/solution, improved practices, and sustainability. Our focus is to remove confusion and mark a clear path to the solution. When we measure our accomplishments at the end of each day, we are blessed to see teams of people working together, sharing ideas, and creating improved practices in business and in life.

Operations Management is immersed in the design and management of services and processes. It considers the acquisition, development, and utilization of resources needed to deliver the services that organizations want.

Collaborative’s Operations Management expertise ranges from strategic to tactical at systems operational level. Strategic issues may include determining scope, the unique features of the service or product, optimal physical locations and service targets. Tactical issues include service location and design, project management methods, equipment selection and replacement, human resource management, and best practices. Operational issues include contract and regulatory compliance, scheduling, quality assurance and improvement and development of operations policies.

Assisting your organization to run as efficient and innovative as possible allowing you to deliver high satisfaction services to your stakeholders and the community.

Collaborative's Operations Expert


Tiffany Schnittker

Chief Operating Officer

​We Strive...

  • To provide responsible, outstanding services to people supported and their stakeholders.

  • To provide employees with the tools needed to provide these services.

  • To be responsive to all customers – employees, people supported, family members, guardians, MCO’s, community members, case workers, contracted partners, etc.

  • To push our services to be more innovative, paper-free, technologically based, and future forward.

  • To create community experiences that are not only available to all citizens, but that exceed expectations.

  • To maintain stellar certifications and satisfaction from all entities we are contracting with.

  • To be viewed as leaders in our industry.

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