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Access to Finance Support Services

Collaborative’s financial experts provide support to ensure that any organization partnering with Collaborative Industries is making sound financial decisions. Collaborative can provide support with budgeting and financial planning; accounting and financial reporting; financial services; cash management and debt management.

The finance department provides competent and accurate financial information to all stakeholders and clients. We combine professionalism and expertise to produce timely and accurate reporting based on fiduciary responsibilities. We value all clientele and pride ourselves in our quality, integrity, and compliance while protecting their confidentiality and rights.

Providing in depth financial services and reporting in a timely and accurate manner allowing you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently.

Collaborative's Finance Experts


Jill Chaney

Director of Finance


Sasha Reichenberg
Finance Manager & Payroll Administrator


Keli Fricke

Senior Finance Manager

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Deidra Slinde

Executive Assistant

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Collaborative Industries can provide you with the confidence of knowing your organization is getting professional experienced assistance with payroll, accounts payable, reconciliation, budgeting, auditing, and billing.

Our staff provides a full range of services including: processing payroll, assisting with accounts payable, reconciling monthly benefits statements, reconciling company credit card statements, and assisting in preparing and creating annual budgets. We also monitor and audit agency support staff costs and/or hours, assisting with quarterly and annual financial audits, and provide monthly reconciling of bank accounts.

With many interests to consider, this department ensures fiscal accountability and reporting that is consistent with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Collaborative can help your organization comply with local, state and federal requirements in the most fiscally prudent manner.

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