Katelin Mielke

Quality Outcomes Coordinator

Achiever l Responsibility l Focus l Restorative l Relator


As a Quality Outcomes Coordinator, Katelin participates in the development of performance metrics to measure adherence to policies and procedures as well as the effectiveness of talent development activities. She completes reviews of services and supports based on an identified schedule using a standard template for measurement and summarizes and analyzes quality data and performance information collected. Katelin also provides consultation and technical assistance to staff and entities responsible for making corrections and improvements. She has developed an understanding and knowledge of variances in policies, practices, and regulations in a number of states.

Prior to joining Collaborative Industries, Katelin gained experience in the field of Human Services in a number of leadership positions including as a Direct Support Professional, Lead Direct Support Professional, and Residential Coordinator.

Katelin attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Outside of work, Katelin enjoys traveling (especially for music events and camping), attending craft fairs and art shows, as well as playing and coaching soccer. She is a dog mom to two Alaskan Husky mixes, which keep her pretty busy and are also great travel companions!