Company History

Collaborative Industries was founded on a simple premise that the collective strengths and experiences of talented individuals, organizations, and leaders in a collaborative environment would produce consistently higher quality and more meaningful results for our clients.

In a fusion of youthful energy and vision with the quiet insight, wisdom and patience from decades of leadership experience, Collaborative Industries emerged. It began as a management and consulting firm serving organizations in the Human Services field. Today, Collaborative Industries has grown into a multi-faceted, progressive business support for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations primarily based in the central United States.

Collaborative provides strategic and tactical management of services, resources, and the processes necessary to produce quality outcomes and financial stability. A partnership with Collaborative Industries gives organizations the ability to tap into many resources that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

Today affiliates can work with our resource team to determine, from a menu of business resources, what your individual business needs are and how to achieve the best results with Collaborative Industries as a partner. The complete list of Collaborative’s resources is found on our Resources page.

If you see the value of a collaborative effort in reaching your goals, Collaborative Industries would welcome a discussion to find mutual benefit. We continue growing and expanding the services and resources we can provide, as well as the industries and fields we serve. Contact CI Today!

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Collaborative Industries, Inc.

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